Many people neglect such an important step as sealing. They start painting doors without any preparative stages. But it is necessary to seal doors qualitatively before any other coloring procedures take place. Why? Sealing reduces negative effects on your doors. You prevent any unpleasant environmental affects that can cause deformation and breakdowns this way.

Why sealing is a MUST?

You need to undertake the six-course sealing for the most appropriate final result. This way your door will be protected from any external irritants. Among the most dangerous that provide negative effect are:

  • moisture;
  • wet or frosty weather;
  • other environmental conditions.

If you have decided to paint your door without sealing it, the surface may crack and warp in some period of time. The next stage of your door damage is rotting. Perhaps, you will need to change the existing door because it will lose its primary attractive look and functionality. If you would like to obtain a long-lasting and beautiful door, start your painting with 6-surface sealing.

Doors Closets Shop takes care of your doors

This is the main misconception that your doors after installation do not require any ongoing care. You should carefully maintain any object of your exterior and interior. Speaking about doors, you need to detect any signs of deterioration in the primary phase. Sometimes it is useful to undertake resealing or repainting. In some cases, only cleansing procedures are required.

Remember that the surface of your exterior and interior doors are afraid of chemicals and other aggressive agents. Take care of your furniture and other household objects to maintain your home beautiful, safe, and comfortable!

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