We are a manufacturing enterprise with privately owned workshop, warehouse and factory store.

We Sell + Install all sizes of interior/exterior DOORS & Closets and Deliver in our special Cargo Vans.


To provide high-quality services that and raise a smile on the faces of our satisfied Customers and Employees.


We offer competitive market prices without compromising on quality


3 year warranty for our High-grade and Eco-friendly US made Interior/Exterior DOORS & Closets + bespoke quality services according to the latest market trends + compliance of our products to the government regulations.


We keep a stock in our warehouse. Our Specialists with CNC machines, professional equipment and special Cargo Vans are ready to produce, deliver and install your new stylish DOORS & maximize functionality of your Closets in no time.


We work with doorways of any configuration and sell standard and non-standard DOORS & Closets. We offer flexibility in terms and pricing for production of our modern DOORS & Closets which will match your taste & design of your home/office, as well as unique colors of your floor and furniture.


We help people to modernize, improve and potentially increase the value of their homes/offices/commercial properties with beauty, functionality and unique details.


We participate in events all over the USA & Canada to learn about the latest market trends and government regulations.

We respect environmental regulations and promote environmental awareness.

We guarantee a safe disposal of waste and take every step necessary to prevent pollution.

We are committed to saving energy and promote environmentally-friendly products.

Pavel Volotchko

Pavel Volotchko

Owner Director Tech
Anna Volotchko

Anna Volotchko

Sales Specialist
Leonid Vleju

Leonid Vleju

Lead Installer & Measure