A new door can help you when it comes to your home restyling. If you do not know where to start, our tips will be helpful for you. You will find out how to do all preparations, customize and install your novelty with accessories.

First, order a new interior door for your house. Ask about customization options to prevent extra measurement issues and other work. If you require measuring and trimming your new door, follow our recommendations.

How to undertake trimming to size? – HELPFUL TIPS

Hold back on removing your existing door. Use it for your measuring procedures. First of all, you need to check how your new door fits the frame. Place your brand-new door on the top of the old one. Do not miss aligning the hinge and topside. This way you can start to undertake trimming to size. Mark the following parameters:

  • hinge size;
  • topside showings;
  • hinge locations.

Now, you can use hinge location marking to chipper accurate places for screwing. That’s all! This way you have already customized your new door according to the parameters of your frame.

Test check of the new door

It is necessary to check your new door before its finishing and exploitation. Testing includes inspection of swings. Additionally, you need to check the position of your door according to its frame. After these preparation arrangements, you can continue with painting and other final touches.

Painting and final installation

If you would like to get the new-brand door, paint it in any exclusive color. Do not forget about sealing that is required for each constructional part like top and bottom sides, both faces of the door, and its undercoat. Then, Doors Closets Shop recommends undertaking a two-course painting.

You need to wait for your paint to get dry. Only then your finishing touches can take place. Install suitable hardware to make your interior door stylish and well-functional. Start with hinge installation, and then continue with the strike plate and the jamb. Install steel knobs or matted door handles at the final stage. Be sure that your accessories are made of qualitative materials. Follow instructions to install all constructional parts properly.

Now, install your door, open and close it. Check its position and stay pleased with the final result. It is not difficult to be a successful DIY expert.

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